For bookings and inquiries: by Nikki Gomez




twitter: thenikkigomez

instagram: thenikkigomez


PHONE: 914-223-4780


Deposit/Cancelation Policy: 

A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking. The balance is due in cash the day of the shoot. Receipts available on request. 

This deposit is applied to Nikki G. Photography's rate. Once the shoot is complete the amount is deducted from the rate and you will pay the balance due (day of the shoot in cash). 
You have 48 hours prior to the scheduled shoot day to cancel. If you cancel after the agreed upon 48 hours, the deposit becomes the permanent property of Nikki Gomez/Nikki G. Photography.

All clients who book with Nikki G. Photography agree to the policy posted above. 

Last minute cancellations are extremely unprofessional. Not only are photo-shoots time consuming but, a loss of income is occurred when a date is held for a client and the client does not show up or cancels at the last minute.  Your understanding and professionalism is appreciated regarding this matter.